Our company attaches great importance in protecting the privacy of members, and we as company comply with the privacy policy under ¡ºInformation Network Promotion and Information Protection Act and Privacy¡», also observe the ¡°Privacy Guideline¡± established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Our Company, as shown below, indicates the individual privacy protection policy; and notifies the members in what ways and what method the private information,
provided by member to the Company, is being used online and what measures does the company undertake in order to protect the private information. The company¡¯s privacy protection policy can be modified according to the government laws and the modification to our inner policy and the modified details will be posted immediately on the homepage, therefore the members should check the notice board often on the account of the each visit.

1. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information Personal information refers to the real information like an individual¡¯s real name, Social Security number, etc. in order of the company to personally identify the information (includes the other information that identifies individuals by combining, although such information on alone cannot identify a specific individual). The collected personal information is used for the purposes of the following.
¨çThe performance of contract and settlement charges for services provision and contents provision, authentication of each individual customer for his/her financial transactions, financial services, purchasing and billing rates and fees collection in accordance of the delivery of products or billings.
¨èMembership Management
The personal identification and distinction for services followed by the membership system, prevention of unqualified members and unauthorized use or fraud, confirmation of intention to register, registration and restriction of numerous registration, collection of personal information for the children under the age of 14, confirm the agreement of the legal representative, the legal representative identification, preservation of record for dispute resolution, complaint handling and complaint handling, delivery notices.
¨é Practical use in marketing and advertising
New services (product) development and specialization, services provision in accordance with demographic characteristics, and ad services, access frequency identification, statistics for the member's use of provided services, events and promotional information delivery. (The privacy of the member is protected and his/her information is not available to the individual or Ad groups requesting for the commission or commercial.)

2. The collected personal information items and collection methods
[The Collected Personal Information Item]
¨çThe Company collects the name, address, contact information, email address, etc. for the identification of the member and the optimized service to the customers in the initial membership subscription.
¨èThe Company may collect the generate information as follows in the process of the use of service or business task.
- Service records, access logs, cookie, IP Address information, payment history, record of the impropriated use of service
[Collection method]
We collect personal information in the following ways.
¨çRegister on the website, consultation boards, sweepstakes event entries
¨èData collection through the tools to gather generated information

3. Possession and utilization term of collected personal information Period
In principle, the applicable information will be deleted immediately after achieving the purpose of collection and use of the information. However, the information is preserved for following reasons for the period specified.
¨çPreservation for the personal information of membership withdrawal
- Preservation Items: Member¡¯s name, username, email address, address, phone Number
- Preservation Reason: Preventing reactivation of unqualified users, defamatory, infringing, etc.
and violation of rights disputes and investigations cooperation
- Preservation Period: One year after withdrawing of membership
¨èPreservation for the personal information of commerce use
- Preservation Topics: Commerce history
- Preservation Authority: Commercial Law, Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Law
- Preservation period: Records regarding the contract or cancellation of contract: 5 years
Payment of supplies of goods: 5 years
Consumer complaints or disputes about the record: three years

4. Procedure and Method of destruction of Personal Information.
In principle, the applicable information will be deleted immediately after achieving the purpose of collection and use of the information or the period of preservation or use of information has elapsed. Procedures and methods of destruction are as follows.
¨ç Destruction Process
The entered information provided by the member for the registration, etc. will be deleted after achieving its purposes in accordance of internal policies and other relevant laws and regulations on information security reasons (references: possession and term of use), after preservation of certain period of time. Such personal information will not be used for the other purposes besides the preservation unless it is requested or held by law.
¨èThe Method of Destruction
The printed personal information is destroyed by the use of shredder or incineration and personal information stored in the form of electronic files is deleted by using the technical method that it could not be restore or replay.

5. Providing and Share of the Personal information
In principle, the company uses the private personal information of the member only for the purposes of collection and specified use and the company refuses to expose the personal information to the others such as individual, agencies, company or the other organization, and etc. However the exception may apply to the following.
¨ç In Case of Prior Agreement of User is Obtained Prior to the collecting or providing Information, the Company notifies the member the basic information; such as information of whom the business partner is, what and why the personal information is needed, and how long and in what method the personal information is protected and managed; and takes the procedure to obtain agreement from the member. If he/she does not agree and refuses to the consent, the additional information will not be collected or shared with the business partners.
¨èIf the personal information is required by the law enforcement agencies in accordance with the provision of law or due to the established procedures and methods set forth in ordinance for the investigation purpose.

6. The Company uses the ¡°Cookie¡± that consistently saves and reloads the personal information, in order to provide personalized and customized services to each individual customer, concerning the installation, operation, and denial of automatic device which collect the personal information. The Cookies are saved and stored in the hard disk of customer as the small data packages sent to the user¡¯s browser by the Server the Company is using to operate the website.
¨çThe Purpose of Using Cookie
To provide the targeted marketing and the personalized services through the analysis of the access frequency and time of visit of member and non-member, identifying and tracing in the user¡¯s preferences and interests, and identifying the participation level and numbers of visit of the various events, etc.
¨è The Method of Rejection on Set Cookie
The member has the option of the installation of Cookie. Therefore, the user may accept to allow all Cookies by setting the option on his/her website browser, confirm every time the Cookie is being stored, or reject to save all Cookies.
¨é Example of Setting (Internet Explore)
The member may take steps to set Cookie by selecting [Tools (on the top of the Web Brower) ? Internet Options ? Privacy]. However, if the installation of Cookie is rejected, the member may experience the difficulty to use the services that require the Login process.

7. Privacy for the Technical and Administrative Measures
¨ç Technical Measures
- The Privacy of Member is protected by a password and important data is protected through the separated security-function system, by encrypting file and transferred data or using the file locking function(Lock).
- The Company uses the anti-virus program to prevent the damages caused by computer viruses. The anti-virus program is updated periodically to protect the privacy of members and prevent the invasion by vaccine immediately applied when the virus appear.
- The Company adopted the security system (SSL or SET) using the encryption algorithm which securely transfers the private personal information on the network.
-To prevent of the leakage of member privacy by hacking, etc. the Company uses the facility that prevent the invasion from outside and also monitor the invasion for 24 hours by installing invasion detection system into the each main server.
¨è Management measures
- In addition to these efforts, the customer must be cautious to protect his/her password from being exposed to the 3rd party. He/she must be especially cautious all the time for the leakage of the personal information such as the one¡¯s password, etc. through the installed PC in public. Also the ID and password of the member must be used by the member oneself only and it is recommended to change the password frequently.
- The Company strictly limits the personal information handling staff to staff performing work on private information management and staff inevitable to handle the personal information due to the business task. Also the Company emphasizes responsible-related staff to comply with policy through the frequent training and highlights. Moreover, the company takes immediate actions to correct the situation if any problem is found, by confirming the implementation of the Company Policy, and the ensuring the compliance of responsible-related staff, through the audit of the Audit Committee.

Supplementary Provision
The Company will notify through notification of its website before 7 days of effective date if there are any changes occur such as additions, elimination or modification of current information due to the changes of law, policy or security technology.
Announcement Date: Oct 1st, 2010
Effective Date: Oct 1st, 2010